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Based in Gladstone Queensland we provide dispute resolution, group facilitation and conflict management training services in Central Queensland.

Disputes are an inevitable part of business and relationships.  Disputes that remain unresolved can have substantial financial impacts as well as adversely impacting on the emotional wellbeing of the people involved.  As a Mediator accredited under the Australian National Mediator Accreditation System, Bernadette Le Grand is specially trained to act as an impartial third party, assisting disputing parties to talk to each other about the issues in dispute and to explore options to resolve the dispute.

Our Services

  • Workplace dispute mediation
  • commercial dispute mediation (leasing, franchise, business, partnership disputes etc)
  • General dispute mediation
  • Restorative justice mediation
  • Group facilitation
  • investigating workplace complaints

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Benefits of Mediation

Mediation has many benefits over court processes and some other methods of alternative dispute resolution. The parties have control of the outcome as they make their own agreement rather than having a decision imposed on them by a third party.  They can be more flexible and creative in deciding outcomes which suit them.  The parties choose the mediator - Judges are appointed by the Court. Mediation is a confidential process while the Courts are subject to public record.  The mediation process can be specifically designed to suit the particular dispute and the needs of the parties.  Mediation generally takes a lot less time and is less expensive than litigation.  Mediation can help rebuild or preserve relationships.   read more